Let's stop funding abstinence-only sex education!

Studies have shown that abstinence-only sex education actually increases the risk of dangerous sexual behaviours of young people. And an overwhelming 82% of Americans are against abstinence-only programs. So why is the government increasing funding of these programs by $27 million?

The federal government's own research concluded that recipients of abstinence-only education were no more likely to abstain from sex, or delay sexual activity. Abstinence-only promotes scientifically inaccurate information and withholds crucial information about HIV/STI and pregnancy prevention. This method leaves young people oblivious to the risks and encourages sexual activity as a form of rebellion.

The House Appropriations Committee, will be meeting soon to consider this bill. The Senate subcommittee is set to consider their bill in July.

So, if you feel like telling them that you are tired of funding programs that have been proven ineffective, check out http://go.care2.com/e/sAm3/kOBY/eWKF


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