Avoid CompUSA, folks...

CompUSA sells Heaton empty box, won't refund

Steve Safran June 3rd, 2007.. at 10:06am

Many of us swap CompUSA service horror stories, but here's an especially horrifying one. My AR&D partner Terry Heaton purchased a digital camera for $269 at a CompUSA liquidation sale. Terry bought the camera for his step-daughter amid a $3,500 purchase. One problem: they sold him an empty box. There was no camera inside.

When Terry went to a nearby CompUSA, the manager there told him that, since a liquidation company technically sold him the camera, CompUSA wouldn't give him a refund. So, Terry wrote a note to Roman Ross, CompUSA president and CEO. Ross passed it along to a staffer who had the nerve to blame Terry: "The return policy for all merchandise, as printed on your receipt and posted throughout the store, clearly stated ALL SALES FINAL…. if the camera you purchased was a clearance item, you should have inspected its content prior to purchase."

And there you have it. Terry is to blame for not inspecting the box to make sure he wasn't being defrauded. All sales of empty boxes are, apparently, final. It doesn't matter the technicality - in CompUSA's name, on a CompUSA receipt, $269 was stolen from Terry and CompUSA won't give it back. It's not just "buyer beware," it's "don't be a buyer."

Update from Cory: This story has been linked all over the place and is getting tons of traffic. CompUSA, you listening yet?


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