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Another historic building in jeopardy. :-(

Robert Wilonsky of the Observer posted a blog about the Knights of Pythias Temple and the obvious disregard that Westdale Properties has for it.

Check it out here

Happy Birthday To Me! :)

For my birthday today we're officially moving to the gayborhood and I just can't begin to tell you how excited I am about it. The movers are due to arrive at 8:30 and B's going to be in charge of that while I'm working my little part time gig today. It's gonna be a good day, tater!!! :)

Observer Blog - Make Your Voice Heard!

From: Kettle Art

Here's is a current story on the Dallas Observer blog worthy of response...Where's the Outrage if you are into Deep Ellum in any manner...

Just say no to liquid coal! :-(

Although its proponents claim that liquid coal is a cure-all to our nation's energy problems, the truth is that liquid coal is plagued with economical and environmental downsides from the time coal is mined until long after the liquid is burned.

Liquid coal releases almost double the global warming emissions per gallon as regular gasoline, making a hybrid filled with liquid coal as dirty as a Hummer H3 running on regular gas.

Liquid coal also requires huge amounts of water, and would lead to an over 40% increase in coal mining just to replace a mere 10% of our nation's transportation fuels. Proponents of liquid coal also want the government to funnel billions in subsidies and tax breaks to artificially create an entirely new industry. Liquid coal is arguably the dirtiest, most expensive energy gamble we could take.

So, if you agree with me that liquid coal is a Bad Deal for Global Warming - we can tell Congress to find clean solutions to our energy needs! Here's where: http:/…

I Got a Little Day Job. :)

I just realized that I forgot to blog about this and that's just not right. :-(

As of today I'm the new part time front desk, set up, and processor for a credit repair company. I got the gig through a friend of a friend and it should be the perfect thing since they know I'm still going to be doing real estate so I don't have to hide it. I'll be working Mon-Wed-Fri from 9a-5p and it's not much money but it'll be enough to cover our new rent which is a huge weight off my mind. Also, there's definitely something to be said for having a mindless job that I can do in my sleep.

Hopefully Zip will just get over themselves and realize that I can't live on no money and sometimes people have to do what they need to do and I'll be all set. The company policy is that you're not supposed to work for anyone but them, but I think that's fucked up when they don't pay me any kind of base. I'm not ready to move my license yet because I have too many…

Helping wounded soldiers via a hot chick - do your part! :)

Reposted from Army of Mom's blog...

Sounds like a win-win situation for everyone involved.

My buddy, Nick, and his comrades at Ranger Up have launched OPERATION GRIM - a plan to raise money for the Wounded Warrior Project by getting Ranger Up's most popular model into Maxim. The whole thing is here with all the details and pictures of a UFC fighter and a rather attractive woman is at Operation Grim. Nick is asking people to send a note to Maxim to ask them to do a spread *snickering at the play on words* on the Ranger Up girl while also raising money for the WWP. You can send a note of your own or follow Nick's sample letter and fill in your name:

Dear Sir or Madame,
I am writing to inform you that private citizens who support the military community are strongly urging you to support OPERATION GRIM and PUT GRACE IN MAXIM in order to raise money for the Wounded Warrior Project which supports badly wounded soldiers from the international war on terror. We are not asking for char…

Attention geeky types... :)

Brian emailed this link to me and I just can't resist blogging's fairly high-end geeky shit so if you don't understand it, don't feel bad about yourself. ;-)

Google is better than Limewire for downloading Music mp3s

Presidential Candidates to Participate in Gay Issue Forum


Human Rights Campaign Foundation and MTV Networks’ Logo Channel to Co-Present Live Televised Event Aug. 9 with Co-Panelists Melissa Etheridge and Joe Solmonese

LOS ANGELES — Logo, a division of Viacom’s MTV Networks, and the Human Rights Campaign Foundation today announced they will co-present a historic televised forum on issues of importance to the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community with the leading 2008 Democratic presidential candidates, including, currently confirmed and in alphabetical order, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

The one-hour event will be held on Aug. 9 at 6 p.m. PT / 9 p.m. ET in Los Angeles before a studio audience and broadcast live, without commercial interruption, exclusively on Logo’s 24/7 cable television channel as well as through live streaming video at Logo is the nation’s leading television and broadband channel for the GLBT audience and the Human Ri…

Getting Better All the Time. :)

I have great news: we found an apartment in Oak Lawn and our new lease starts on my birthday! The place is a little smaller than the one we have now but it's laid out really well and should be totally workable. We're actually planning to store most of our knick knacks so it doesn't get overwhelming. And now for the best's walking distance from the strip. OHMIGAWD, I'm SO excited to be moving to the heart of the gayborhood!!! We're also just down the block from the community center so B might start doing some volunteer work.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday!!

Needed one good home for a kitty named shit head

Reposted for Elle Chaos:

my ex couldn't keep my cat anymore for what ever reason, and after a long custody battle that he won he is now giving him up. sooooooooooo now i am unable to keep him he is beautiful but shy at first loves to play fetch and his name is shizkoph . a name he fully lives up too. i love him so and would hate to see him go to a shelter. if any of you know of anyone who would love a friend named shit head please let me know. he has had all his shots and is neutered. he comes with a kitty box litter and food.

To all my Pin up model girls this is your Audition Call!!!!

If you are clearly not a match for this audition (ie: male) I am sending it to you so that you may forward to any hottie pin-up "ish" women you might know. Thank you!

The Pin-Up Pageant
Auditions: KD Studios
Time: 1PM – 4PM
Payment: $325

The Pin-Up Pageant is a fund raising event for Dallas Veterans that will take place at the House of Blues on a date to TBA.

Must have beautiful face!

Please wear full make-up! Looking for the great smile!!!!!

Great legs are a must! Expect to show us your legs!

Body Type: Would prefer size 8 dress and over but toned and firm / hour glass figure / classic Pin-Up

Hair: The show will provide all selects with wigs / so short hair is fine

For this audition it would be ideal to dress in Pin – Up style 40’s dress but not mandatory. Please bring 3 to 4 inch heels to walk in.

Action: Outgoing personality, walking, talking...

Please email for a
time slot.

And good luck!!

Equality Texas Mourns the Death of David Ritcheson

18-Year Old Victim Had Testified in April for Passage of Matthew Shepard Act

Austin, TX (July 2, 2007) - Equality Texas today mourns the death of David Ritcheson, the 18-year-old Spring, Texas teenager who had survived an April, 2006 brutal hate crime.

On April 22, 2006, Ritcheson was beaten nearly to death by self-professed Skinheads, who cut him, burned him, poured bleach over him, sodomized him with an outdoor umbrella pole and yelled anti-Hispanic slurs.

Last Novemer and December, Ritcheson sat in a courtroom in Harris County, Texas and faced his attackers for the first time as they went through their respective trials. Ritcheson's attackers eventually were convicted of aggravated sexual assault; one was given a life sentence, the other 90 years.

Less than three months ago, on April 17, 2007, David Ritcheson went to Washington, D.C. and testified before the House Judiciary Committee urging passage of the "Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act of 2007", also kn…