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Dear Brian...Part Deux

I originally posted this as a FB note exactly three years ago today and decided it's well past time to move to this venue. For the record, I still feel exactly the same about his decision to leave us. I wasn't done knowing him yet.

Dear Brian:

Your heart was broken? It happens. You felt like you weren’t where you “should” be in life? Yeah, that happens too. You weren’t excited about aging? Welcome to the club. Absolutely none of that excuses or explains robbing those of us who love you from the blessing that was you.

You were so shiny with your epic hair and awesome fashion, always fun to watch bobbing around on the dance floor. You made others happy just by showing up, and I loved when random people on the street would ask to take a picture with you. You had an enormous heart, always there to listen and help someone. You were a self-proclaimed asshole, but I disagreed. I trusted you completely and knew that you’d never betray me. You were my go-to guy for so many …