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Old Trees Building Will Not Reopen.... :-(

I'm reposting this from Zaber's myspace bulletin...this makes me sad. :-(

This is taken directly from their site.


To whom this may concern, we have successfully filed our SUP for 2707-09 Elm Street, Deep Ellum. I personally spent over 2 days and over $1,300 filing for the SUP. Our SUP was accepted, and now we have to wait for the Dallas City Council to vote on it. That will take about 3 months; meanwhile we are paying rent on a building we cannot use.


Of course, after we have spent the money with the city filing the SUP we are now told we need an SUP for the PARKING LOT.

David Cossum told us that under the new SUP law, we had to have 50+ parking spaces. We only have 20. So we contracted with an independent parking lot owner to supply us 30 more spaces. We had planned on paying for the additional expense by charging to park in Deep Ellum, like e…

Virus Alert! :-(

I got this in my inbox today from Brian and thought it was worth posting about...y'all be careful out there!

Hey everybody,

I know you all know to be careful opening attachments from people you don't know - but I wanted to put the word out to be extra extra cautious when it comes to Word documents. There are currently 4 unpatched Word vulnerabilities that are being exploited right now. That means that Microsoft has not released a patch for them, and hackers are taking advantage of this fact.

So be sure to DELETE any messages that contain a Word attachment if you don't know the sender - and even if you do, be extra cautious and only open the attachment if you're expecting it.

Hopefully Microsoft will be patching these vulnerabilities on 2/13.

Please be sure to let your friends and family know too.…

My Stripper Song Is...

Teehee, I used to dance to this one so good quiz! :)

Your Stripper Song Is
Closer by Nine Inch Nails

"You let me violate you, you let me desecrate you
You let me penetrate you, you let me complicate you
Help me I broke apart my insides, help me I've got no
Soul to tell"

When you dance, it's a little scary - and a lot sexy.What Song Should You Strip To?

If You Like Sid and Marty Croft... :)

Here's a little wierd thing from Billy that I couldn't resist posting. If you ever watched a Sid and Marty Croft show as a kid, you'll definitely appreciate it. Check it out:


Where in the World is Jen?

Sorry about the intermittent posting, I need to get back to cleaning out my inbox and at least post jokes and wierd shit in between these update posts. It's just hard for me since I work on the computer, to want to sit here any longer than I have to. Mostly I end up doing this on my Sundays off. Okay nuff of that, let's get on with the update post now...

I took the leap of faith and upgraded my blogger to the new version. I already don't like it because it won't leave me logged in anymore. :-( Does anyone have a work around for this issue? Other than that, it seems pretty much like the old version because I never ever use all the bells and whistles. Teehee, just the facts, ma'am...

There's been a significant change in our Thursday club night routine in the last few weeks. When they fired my favorite dj at The Crotch, they decided to completely change the Thursday night format to 80s and 90s pop videos that no one wants to dance to. We have our PVR set up to recor…