Anyone Know a Good Exorcist? ;-)

Good morning, boys and girls!

I thought things were stressful the last time I wrote an update post, but it seems to keep getting more and more tangled. Here's the update...

I got back from my long holiday weekend off and got the cars repaired on credit (yikes, more debt!) so we're mobile again. The day after I returned to work I managed to get quite sick: high fever for several days, horrible sinus funk, and a chest cough that I still haven't seemed to shake. Since we have no insurance I just had to use over-the-counter meds and hope for the best. Luckily I was back to almost normal by the time last weekend came around.

Still no work for B although he's going to be picking up some night security shifts and will hopefully get more of those as the next few weeks come. I hate that he's having to do the night shift thing, it fucks up my sleep schedule not having him in the bed and it's hard to get time together when our schedules are opposite. Still though, I'll be glad when some money starts coming into the house again...

As for me, I sat down and put pencil to paper and realized that we're officially in a worse financial position than we were a year ago when I started doing real estate. I've got some deals that are falling apart (they were big ones too, ones that would have rescued us from our financial distress) and the market is incredibly slow this year with the failure of the sub-prime lenders. All this money stress is the cause of my sickness (I know this because no one else around me has gotten sick and I'm still not okay after two weeks) and I'm getting very, very depressed.

As of this Monday I'm on the job hunt to see about getting us something with a regular paycheck and some benefits so we can get some doctor and dental stuff done. I've updated my resume on the job boards and have started applying for everything I think I'm even remotely qualified for. I'm hoping this will be a temporary thing until we can get in a better financial position to ride the wave of intermittent paychecks that real estate offers. Anyone know any Dallas companies that are hiring? Please let me know.

The icing on the cake is that yesterday I was at my team meeting (I'm going to stay at my company until my license expires at the end of the month so I have to pretend to care between now and then) eating a package of peanuts and I felt this other crunchy thing in my mouth that definitely wasn't a peanut. One of my upper back teeth actually fell apart and about half of it is now missing. The good news is that you really have to be looking for it to see it so it's not as bad as it could be. The bad news is that I have this extremely sharp edge inside my mouth and there's no telling how long it will last before the exposed tooth will start to hurt.

I think I need an exorcist or maybe a banishing spell for all this bad/wierd luck. *sigh* Hope you guys are all doing well! Love y'all!


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