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Live on Purpose

Thanks to Thia for posting this bulletin on myspace...I needed it today!

Live this moment, live this day on purpose. Choose to create the world around you according to your most deeply held values.
Life is not a random accident. Whatever is happening in your life at any time is the result of some specific set of thoughts and actions.

Instead of complaining about your circumstances, get busy and create some new ones. Reach down into the purpose that is within you and connect that purpose with all you do.

When your actions have no real basis in meaning, then the slightest setback can stop you cold. By contrast, when you give true purpose to each day, even the most difficult challenges will serve to lift you ever higher.

Your most treasured dreams are yours for a very good reason. You are the one special person who can make them real.

Do yourself a big favor and give this day a meaningful purpose. Feel the stimulating, dynamic energy of life as you truly make a positive difference in your worl…

Jen Work Update...What I'm Doing Now. :)

I know it's been ages since I've actually made a personal post and it's because I've been swamped and overwhelmed with moving, birthday, and work changes. Since I'm finally starting to get my work-self organized, I thought I'd share with you guys what I'm doing now. I'm sure some of y'all can use this information to benefit yourselves or someone you know...

In addition to being able to handle any type of real estate transaction now, I'm also assisting people with legal and licensed credit repair. For more information about the service and the company, visit

As an added bonus to the credit repair service, I have teamed up with Jacob Watson of Supreme Lending ( who will refund the cost of the credit repair at closing for anyone who works with him after going through the program.

Please spread the word about this opportunity to anyone you know who either cannot get approved for…

My Life, Rated. :)

Stole this one from The Cap'n. Miss you sweetie!

This Is My Life, RatedLife:
5.5Take the Rate My Life Quiz

Please take action, this is no bueno! :-(

Right now, the U.S. Senate is preparing for a vote that could have major consequences for gays and lesbians across America. If they approve President Bush's nomination of Judge Leslie Southwick to the Federal bench, they'll give tremendous power to a man who once helped remove a woman's 8-year-old biological child from her custody in part because the mother was a lesbian.

I hope you'll join me in speaking out at:

Southwick even signed an unnecessary additional brief in the case saying that losing her child was the possible consequence of the mother's sexual "choice." Excuse me? This kind of misinformed bigotry has no place in our nation's highest courts. Southwick's appointment would be for life.

Tonight on Logo - if you can't watch it, record it!

The Visible Vote '08: A Presidential Forum

Just another reminder that The Visible Vote '08: A Presidential Forum airs tonight on Logo.

Here's a cheat sheet on the candidates' positions. Interesting - when you boil it all down to two pages like this, it appears they're almost identical when it comes to GLBT issues, with the exception of same-sex marriage. This should be interesting tonight...

Make Your Voice Heard - Protest Wiretapping!

It seems Congress on Saturday night gave President Bush and Attorney General Alberto Gonzales more unchecked power to wiretap Americans without a warrant. Yes, that's the same Attorney General who is currently mired in scandal and probably committed perjury on this very issue.

Enough is enough. There is no trade-off between fundamental liberties and security. I figure preserving our Constitution is essential to our security—we can't lead on freedom around the world when we're actively undermining the rule of law at home.

I signed onto this petition demanding that Congress reverse this capitulation to Bush and the politics of fear. Can you join me? Just click here:

Check out my new business card! :)

I know I've fallen off the planet lately but this moving thing is kicking our asses. Also, I'm working all the time when I'm not unpacking or trying to get situated so I hope you guys still love me even though I'm off the map right now. :)

I'm working on getting things set up with my new real estate thing and here's the new business card that I'm about to get printed.

Y'all leave me some comments and tell me what you think! :)

Lennon's "Imagine" Piano to visit Northpark Mall!

Okay so I'm totally going to have to go see it...who's with me?

Read more about it on the Unfair Park blog...

Required Reading for all Restaurant-Goers!

I know entirely too many people who work in the service industry not to repost this. Take care of your servers, people, they work really hard for their money!


The next time you're out eating at a restaurant, look at your server. Do you think they are really happy to be doing that job? The answer is not really, but its what we do, and we do it for the money so please help them out. Its a tougher job than you think and you should pay them accordingly!

There are SO many people out there flooding the restaurants w/o any knowledge of how to tip. Here is a short guide for the general public to follow. Feel free to print out and store in your wallet and/or purse.

If you have children, DO NOT let them, open and dump anything on the table (ie; salt, sugar, etc). IF YOU DO, you must leave an extra $5 for the server to clean up YOUR CHILD'S mess & to restock …