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AKC Boxer Pups for sale...

Reposted for Feelin Froggy. :)

Puppy catalog/Details

Both my girls litters are described below...
All Boxer pups AKC Regestered, Dew Claws removed & Tails docked.
First set of Puppy shots 7/14/07 at 6 weeks old
Ready for thier new loving homes July 21st through August 1st.
Brendles =$600
Fawns =$400
$200 deposit will hold your pick until ready/weaned.
Please contact me for more information and/or questions.
(Of course, Any names we have to the side of description do not have to be kept)

Cocoa's litter:
RESERVED-Flashy Dark Brendle Boy with half black and white muzzle. "Pick"
RESERVED-Flashy Dark Brendle Boy with white "Lightning bolt" up forehead "Hoss"
Brown Boy with white stripe up nose and black nostrils "Stripe"
Brown Girl with white chin "Tinker Bell"

Chloe's litter: (all have full black muzzles)
Dark Brendle Boy with white tipped toes
Dark Brendle Boy with white paws
Dark Brendle Boy with white chin and a little pink on nose,
Brown bo…

Let's stop funding abstinence-only sex education!

Studies have shown that abstinence-only sex education actually increases the risk of dangerous sexual behaviours of young people. And an overwhelming 82% of Americans are against abstinence-only programs. So why is the government increasing funding of these programs by $27 million?

The federal government's own research concluded that recipients of abstinence-only education were no more likely to abstain from sex, or delay sexual activity. Abstinence-only promotes scientifically inaccurate information and withholds crucial information about HIV/STI and pregnancy prevention. This method leaves young people oblivious to the risks and encourages sexual activity as a form of rebellion.

The House Appropriations Committee, will be meeting soon to consider this bill. The Senate subcommittee is set to consider their bill in July.

So, if you feel like telling them that you are tired of funding programs that have been proven ineffective, check out

Anyone need a cellist? :)

Reposted for Da Jules...

to all my musician friends out there...

so what do you do if you're a classically trained musician whose shit job has begun to take its toll on your wrists and your ability to play for more than 5 minutes without extreme wrist pain and bow-hand numbness? you quit said shit job and hope that some gigs come your way so that bills can be paid. i'm sure all you dedicated musicians understand this concept. so...

if you know of any gigs needing a cellist, please please please pass along my info. email me if you need my phone number and i'll gladly give it to you. i need to play; i want to play; i'm not afraid to drive to play. i look forward to hearing from some of you.


Tell Congress to Repeal "Don't Ask, Don't Tell"

My name is Beau Bouldin and I am currently an intern with Atticus Circle and a former sailor in the United States Navy. The celebration of Independence Day reminds me of my service to this great nation, and of those people who still devotedly serve in the armed forces.

There is no higher honor than defending a country and a constitution as robust and free as ours.

Unfortunately, some of our soldiers and sailors are being discriminated against in such a way as to betray the very freedom they signed up to defend. As members of our military, they are being asked to divide their professional and personal lives in order to comply with the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy currently in effect in our military.

The right to love who you choose is a fundamental right. Just because I am straight, that fact did not in any way affect my qualifications, willingness, or ability to perform effectively as a member of our military. One of the greatest injustices I have personally witnessed…

Back on the Planet...Sort Of. :)

Hey everyone!

I know it's been weeks since I blogged and so I've got some serious catching up to do. Better get to it. :)

As of last week, B has shifts again doing daytime security, woohoo! The night shift thing just didn't work for me because when I don't sleep well I get really cranky, so he was officially off work for 6 weeks. I'm SOOOOOOO relieved that he has regular hours and that I have some quiet around the house several days a week again. I'm infinitely more productive when he's not distracting me. ;-)

Speaking of my productivity, I took the last several weeks off work to take care of personal business and get myself well again. It wasn't all that relaxing because of all the other stressors that are still going on but I am healthy again thankfully so that's something. I've been conducting what amounts to two job hunts (day work and a place to park my real estate license) and have had some good interviews but no day job yet. I continue to hi…

Call To Action!

Stolen from Kuma's myspace bulletin...please click the link and take some action on this issue.

Several large dairy producers and food companies have made news recently by getting rid of recombinant bovine growth hormone, also known as rBGH or rBST, from their milk supply. This is great news for consumers, since this artificial growth hormone is known to cause harm to cows and may pose harm to humans. (To find out more about links between rBGH use, antibiotic resistant bacteria and certain types of cancer, check out:

Monsanto, the company that makes the artificial growth hormone, is seeing much of its market slip away. In an attempt to preserve their profits, the company has asked the Food and Drug Administration to restrict the use of labels identifying "rBGH-free" or "rBST-free" dairy products.

If Monsanto succeeds in convincing FDA to restrict rBGH-free labeling, consumers will lose valuable inf…

Fox and CBS say "yes" to sex, "no" to condoms

The New York Times reported this week that FOX and CBS are refusing to air a condom commercial. The reasons? FOX believes that ads for condoms should not focus on pregnancy prevention. In a letter, FOX writes, "Contraceptive advertising must stress health-related uses rather than the prevention of pregnancy." Meanwhile, CBS defended its rejection of the ad, stating that it "did not find it appropriate" for the network. Call me crazy, but in my mind condoms are used for two reasons that are equally important: to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted infections and to prevent unintended pregnancy. And it doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that preventing unintended pregnancy IS a major public health issue.

Tell FOX and CBS executives to stop the hypocrisy and air ads that protect public health. Take action here:

In 2005, 70 percent of all television shows and 77 percent of prime-time shows contained sexual content…

AT&T quietly introduces $10 DSL plan

Here's something that Kuma found and I couldn't help sharing. Think I'll be calling to change my pricing today... :)

Offer is part of merger concessions.

By Peter Svensson
Tuesday, June 19, 2007

NEW YORK — Without any fanfare, AT&T Inc. has started offering a broadband Internet service for $10 a month, cheaper than any advertised plan.

The DSL, or digital subscriber line, plan introduced Saturday is among the concessions made by San Antonio-based AT&T to the Federal Communications Commission to get its $86 billion acquisition of BellSouth Corp. approved in December.

The $10 offer is available to customers in the 22-state AT&T service region, which includes former BellSouth areas, who have never had AT&T or BellSouth broadband service, spokesman Michael Coe said Monday. Local phone service and a one-year contract are required. The modem is free.

The plan was not mentioned in a Friday news release about AT&T's DSL plans. On the AT&T Web s…

Body Art Ball Auditions !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Body Art Ball Casting Call! Tour 07/08
@ The Centre for Dance
7517 Campbell Rd, Suite 400
Dallas, TX 75248

Men & Women
June 29, 2007

This project has been on a national tour successfully for the past three years. C&C Productions is searching for new talent. There are 18 dates scheduled for this show from Sept.-Feb. Please come prepared with a CD and a choreographed piece of your specific talent. This productions mind is open to all types of performances. You must have a professional performance/dance experience resume and picture to be provided to the production company. You must be 21 years of age by September 2007. To find out more information about The Body Art Ball please visit For questions please email

Help Feed Hungry Children Just By Clicking! :)

Reposted from Bauhaus's myspace bulletin:

Help Feed Hungry Children

Every 3.6 seconds, someone in the world died of hunger and threequarters of the victims are children. There is a website called the if you visit it, you will see a button in the center of the page with a message: "help feed the hungry. Click here once-a-day it's free." do that, and a couple of food staple is brought for someone, somewhere, who is hungry. The food is paid for by the site sponsors, which change each day. It is a very clever win -win-win situation. The starving get fed, Internet user gets to feel good about him or herself, and the sponsors receive good cost effective public relations as their logo is prominently displayed.

Don't forget to vote today!

From Equality Texas:



The City of Dallas Runoff Election will be held this Saturday, June 16, 2007. Voters will elect a new mayor, and city council members in districts 3, 5, 7 and 8.

Unfortunately, a right-wing political action committee has interjected an element of knee-jerk homophobia into the mayoral race. The Heritage Alliance PAC sponsored automated calls this past weekend that labeled homosexuality as one of the "three hot issues" for Dallas voters.

In a perfect world, a candidate's sexual orientation would be irrelevant to his or her campaign.

We do not live in a perfect world, and gay-baiting attacks such as these automated calls work.

o They work because they tap into the residual elements of homophobia in our society.
o They work because they feed upon fear and ignorance found in the occasional listener.
o They work because time and again they perpetuate stereotypes that have long ago been disproved to anyone with an open mind.


Keep Bias Out of America's Health Decisions

Guess who President Bush wants to be the next U.S. Surgeon General?

Hint: His past writings indicate that he believes homosexuality is a "lifestyle" choice that should be "cured," and he has compared reproductive organs to plumbing parts.

His name is Dr. James Holsinger. And he's the man America might be depending on for sound medical advice.

Holsinger's record seems to demonstrate that he is uninterested in the best scientific information available; instead, he allows his anti-gay bias to inform his medical judgments.

That means that instead of hearing the usual warnings against smoking and drinking, America might be subjected to a new one that says, "homosexuality is unnatural and unhealthy!"

Dr. Holsinger's past writings suggest a scientific view rooted in anti-gay beliefs that are incompatible with the job of serving the medical health of all Americans. In a 1991 document titled "Pathophysiology of Male Homosexuality," Dr. Holsinger a…

Things Are Starting To Look Up... :)

Hey everyone!

A couple of things have happened in the last few days to make me have some hope again. We got a sort of windfall that will cover our bills for a little while and I'm oh so grateful and relieved about it that I actually cried. :)

I've decided that I'm not going to give up on real estate completely and am looking for a place to park my license where I can work part time doing it. I'm also looking for day work that will either be short term, contract, or will allow me to still do my real estate thing on the side and have some schedule flexibility. I've built enough relationships in the last year of selling and have enough friends and family that will refer me business that if I can get a better commission split per deal, I think we will be *much* better off financially. Also, another agency will allow me to do smaller dollar deals, rentals, and even commercial which will increase my chances of referral business quite a bit. My current company has their bus…

Anyone Know a Good Exorcist? ;-)

Good morning, boys and girls!

I thought things were stressful the last time I wrote an update post, but it seems to keep getting more and more tangled. Here's the update...

I got back from my long holiday weekend off and got the cars repaired on credit (yikes, more debt!) so we're mobile again. The day after I returned to work I managed to get quite sick: high fever for several days, horrible sinus funk, and a chest cough that I still haven't seemed to shake. Since we have no insurance I just had to use over-the-counter meds and hope for the best. Luckily I was back to almost normal by the time last weekend came around.

Still no work for B although he's going to be picking up some night security shifts and will hopefully get more of those as the next few weeks come. I hate that he's having to do the night shift thing, it fucks up my sleep schedule not having him in the bed and it's hard to get time together when our schedules are opposite. Still though, I'll b…

Avoid CompUSA, folks...

CompUSA sells Heaton empty box, won't refund

Steve Safran June 3rd, 2007.. at 10:06am

Many of us swap CompUSA service horror stories, but here's an especially horrifying one. My AR&D partner Terry Heaton purchased a digital camera for $269 at a CompUSA liquidation sale. Terry bought the camera for his step-daughter amid a $3,500 purchase. One problem: they sold him an empty box. There was no camera inside.

When Terry went to a nearby CompUSA, the manager there told him that, since a liquidation company technically sold him the camera, CompUSA wouldn't give him a refund. So, Terry wrote a note to Roman Ross, CompUSA president and CEO. Ross passed it along to a staffer who had the nerve to blame Terry: "The return policy for all merchandise, as printed on your receipt and posted throughout the store, clearly stated ALL SALES FINAL…. if the camera you purchased was a clearance item, you should have inspected its content prior to purchase."

And there you have it. Te…