Why is Jenni not replying to her email??

Ahhhh, the thrill of having something broken on my computer and having absolutely no idea why.

My Outlook has decided that it will be happy to retrieve my messages from my mail server but it won't send any outbound mail for me. *sigh* It did this same exact thing about a month ago and I contacted my web host and also my isp but they (in true tech support fashion) both assured me that it was neither of them. Then mysteriously a few days later it started working again so I went about my merry way and figured that it was a glich and it had been fixed. Now here I am again several days into the new outage. I keep hoping that it will magically correct itself but it hasn't yet. Maybe my Outlook is broken...or maybe because I haven't contacted tech support yet, it won't correct itself...either way, I'm relying on my Yahoo account for outbound mail right now. :-(


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