Temp work, here I come!

Today and tomorrow my plan is to sign up with some temp agencies so that I can get some money coming back into the house. (And it *really* doesn't help that my final paycheck got lost in the mail...argh!) I've got a couple of agencies that I'm scheduled to meet with and another that I'm pursuing, so that should be enough to get me some short term stuff until I can find permanent status somewhere else. I refuse to take a job out of desperation and being broke!

I had a good (I think, anyway) interview yesterday in Lewisville for a processing or possibly a closing position. The company is huge but the sub-prime division is small and in no way rivals the volume that I was doing at Long Beach, thank the gods! They won't have available positions for 30-45 days which baffles me as to why in the world they're interviewing now. *shrug* One of life's little mysteries, I guess.

I'm still following up on my oustanding resumes and trying to get things moving as far as interviews go...ahh, job hunting you gotta love it. ;-)

Today I'm heading back up to Long Biatch to have lunch with my friends and show off the wedding pix. Heh, I'm only a little late getting those developed, right?

*wanders off to get in the shower*


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