Did Jen quit her job?

Can I get a resounding YES followed closely by an AMEN! Heh, there's a story there...

Everyone pretty much knows that I've been very unhappy at my company for quite a while now. Loved the job but hated the company, that's been the story of my life for about the last year. No recognition for the hard work and overtime that I was putting in...no positive feedback...watching the people that were family, friends and drinking buddies of management get advanced while nothing happened for me...watching people leave the company and not get replaced thereby forcing those of us left to work that much harder....working incredibly long hours and being too tired to have a life outside my job...the list goes on and on. So finally on the day of the company Xmas party (December 17) I hit my breaking point and at 5:00 on that Friday night I packed my desk and was ready to walk out. (Anyone who knows me knows that I would *never* do this without having another job to go to, especially since I'm the primary bread winner in my household!) My friends at work talked me out of this rash behavior and so I stashed my box o stuff under my desk and took the weekend to think about it. During that weekend my car broke down, so I unhappily went back to work on Monday.

Monday came, and my boss called me into her office about my "outburst". She asked me what was wrong so I laid it all out. (Side note: This boss just came from another branch of the company a few months before, I like her a lot, she hated it there as much as I did and had already given her notice twice and had been talked out of it by upper management.) She completely understood my complaints about the company and practically begged me not to leave, asking me to at least give them a month to change their ways. I reluctantly agreed to the month but stipulated that I would not stop job hunting and that when, at the end of that month, things had not changed significantly that I was going to take whatever offers I had on the table.

The following weekend was Christmas and B and I spent a *wonderful* Christmas day together, doing nothing and enjoying our day off together. It made me realize how much my job was sucking the life force out of me and how it had consumed my life completely. It also reinforced the thought that I was not planning to stay at my job any longer than the month's "notice" I had given.

So the following Monday an email went out saying that they were taking away our jeans and going back to business casual attire starting January 3. That was just the last straw for me. If I'm going to work 50+ hours a week at a company, I'll be damned if I'm going to do it in uncomfortable clothes. So I replied to the email that Friday December 31 would be my last day. And so it was...and it was good, oh SO good. :)


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