Entertainment News: Crazy With the Birthdays

I'm not sure how I managed to have so many Aquarian friends but it seems like we've been doing nothing but birthday celebrating for weeks now. :)

It started with Da Jules. We celebrated her for a full weekend the last weekend of January. We managed to give her a great birthday, check out her blog about it if you want pix and details.

Then the very pretty Jac had her birthday festivities and I was unable to join her because of my school/work schedule. B jumped in on her celebration and I remotely sent hugs and love.

Last weekend was all about Brian and his 30th. I finally got to meet the infamous Keith and a bunch of Brian's current friends that I'd never gotten to meet before. I'm really super glad that we're back in touch!

Then yesterday was the original Bitchy's birthday so I ventured to Lewisville to take her to lunch at Red Lobster. We ended up sitting in the restaurant for 4 hours gabbing and getting caught up with each other. The restaurant staff was amazed that we sat that long and honestly we had no idea, we were just talking and completely lost track of time. Teehee, it's good to have friends like that. :)

Next weekend we get to do a little kid birthday party for B's kiddo and then I believe we're done for the month. Wowee, we're out of control!

Happy birthday to all my Aquarians, I hope you have a wonderful year filled with joy and prosperity! Love you!


Oops! I completely forgot to mention Julie's birthday this Friday. We're definitely planning to celebrate her! Sorry bout that, honey, school is causing my brain to misfire and I keep forgetting things lately. My head is too full! LOL!


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