Business News: Work and School :)

It's been several weeks since I posted an update on me and how I'm doing, so it's prolly about that time. :)

School is very time consumptive and brain intensive to me, but I'm loving it. I'm very grateful that I picked a university to take my classes at, not only because my professor has been in the industry for 35 years, has sat on the Texas Real Estate Commission, and is generally the bomb in knowing the material and presenting it in a very easy-to-remember-way, but also because I was able to sign up for extra hours that will fulfill all the core requirements for my broker's license. I still have to do two years of salesperson work (and possibly more school, depending on what TREC says about my transcripts) before I'll be allowed to try and take my broker's test, but I'm really glad that I'll at least have my core courses out of the way. Broker is definitely the way to go in this industry and I'm all about wanting to be self-sufficient and not having to rely on someone else for my paycheck. :) This week will be my fourth week of school and I'll be finishing my second class on Thursday. Two down, four more to go...woohoo!

The unfortunate side effect of using my brain for school and forcing it to do something outside the norm is that my brain is literally misfiring from time to time and I'm brain-farting stuff that shouldn't be hard to remember. I guess the mind is making way for all the new info and dumping other stuff at random...not sure how else I'd describe this phenomenon...

In the work arena, I haven't yet replaced my lost income of a few weeks ago but am very grateful that I have my unemployment to fall back on in the meantime. I had a family emergency crop up week before last that took me to Johnson County for a couple of days to help my sis out with the kids, and I was grateful that I didn't have to cancel work in order to go down and help. I've signed up with a number of independent notary agencies and hope that the loan signings will start rolling in soon. I've got some follow up work to do on that today. I also expect to pick up another regular office gig starting soon (possibly even this week) and that will help a great deal too. In the meantime, I'm using my time to get ahead with my class so that when B's not working I can enjoy spending time with him. I'm definitely enjoying that part! :)

My friends prolly all think I've died, but honestly I'm just so busy and overwhelmed with school and trying to find additional work that I've kind of fallen off the planet. My free time feels so limited to me right now that I just wanna spend it all with B. Speaking of B, he's put his foot down on me planning social activities and I've been limited to one event a month. I know he's right on this, because event planning is time-intensive and is just stressing me out right now with all my other current obligations. Hopefully once I'm done with school in May I can go back to my previous Martha Stewart status. LOL!

That's the news from Jen's world guys...I'll update again when I can. Love and miss you all!!!


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