Tell Governor to Pardon German Shepherd

From: Pepe
Date: Dec 4, 2007 8:06 AM

Congo, a German Shepherd, lives in Princeton, New Jersey. In June two gardeners came to his home and were asked to wait in their truck while the family penned the dogs up. The gardeners ignored the requests of the family. When they got out of the truck, Congo and the other dogs - like any friendly dog - came racing up to greet them. One gardener grabbed Congo's owner and put her between him and the dog. The other gardener grabbed a rake and hit one of Congo's puppies with it. Congo bit the man and he needed stitches. A judge in New Jersey has declared Congo "vicious" and is demanding he be put to sleep.

This is ridiculous. Congo responded appropriately. How would you respond if your family was attacked? The gardeners responded inappropriately. Congo's owners have brought in numerous "character witnesses" on Congo's behalf: the mailman, various delivery personnel and others who have worked at their home.

I'm asking you to send an email to Gov. Corzine of New Jersey and ask him to pardon Congo.

Follow this link:

Selected "Law & Public Safety" and then "Pardons & Clemency." Tell them to let this dog live!



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