My Asian Adventure - Part Nine, Island Hopping

We chartered a boat and spent a day out on the ocean and’s breathtaking out here! It’s so beautiful I almost can’t get my head to register that it’s real. I’ve been taking lots of pics but they really don’t do the reality justice. It’s like a movie or a video game or something, heh, Philippines the video game. LOL!

Everything is crazy cheap…we got the boat rental for $50 for the whole day. Six of us went, so we split it and it became ridiculously inexpensive. We made friends with a local who lives near our house and he organized the whole thing for us. Francis is totally the man for that, and we’ll most definitely be using his services again. I’d really like to do this boat thing at least once a month while we’re here.

We got a late start because we went the morning after the Halloween party at the house, that’s also the reason for the small group. The flake factor was high that morning. I wasn’t a hundred percent myself, but there was no way I was gonna miss the adventure.

Everyone but me snorkeled while we were out on the boat and it was hilarious to watch. It looked like a group of dead bodies floating around in the ocean. I think everyone ended up getting burned on their backs as a result, even tho the sunscreen was flowing all day. They said it was amazing to watch the fish and see the coral and stuff but I seriously doubt I’m gonna indulge in the ocean again. The first weekend we were here we did a night swim at one of the resorts, and I got sea urchin spines in my foot that are still working their way out. I’m creeped out by all the critters in the water and since I won’t be able to see without my glasses anyway, I’m opting out until further notice. Thankfully I’m a tanner so just being on the boat and getting sun is totally fun to me.

We went to the strangest “restaurant” for lunch. It was a platform built above the water with tables and a kitchen. The boat pulled up to some stairs(ish) and we climbed up to the place. The food was buckets of live sea critters and you picked out what you wanted to eat from there. Um, okay? I was super grateful they had prawns and were willing to peel and devein them for me so I was able to eat a little lunch. What’s with people eating shrimp here with all the parts still on? Creepy and gross. I’ve never eaten so much rice in all my life. Lol.

All in all it was a successful day, everyone had fun, and I made some new friends. :)

I’m really glad I’m starting to form a social group out here, it makes me far less homesick and gives me alternatives of stuff to do. I’m kinda shying away from the party crowd because I don’t need to drink like a fish the whole time I’m here, tho I am being friendly with them and will still do that from time to time. The alcohol out here is stronger than back home and I think, even tho I drink a lot of water, that I’m probably dehydrated a lot. Drinking out here so far has not been a positive experience because I can’t gauge it like I normally do. I’ve been drinking more at home to try and figure out where my limits are…the last thing I want is to get out and overdo it and be a burden on the group or an embarrassment to myself. I’m *so* not that girl.


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