Please take action to bring the troops home...

From: Kuma
Date: Sep 5, 2007 2:44 PM

Hey, guys.

The escalation has been a failure. This was one of the bloodiest summers for US troops in Iraq, Iraqi casualties are running at twice the pace of last year and 15 of 18 of President Bush's own benchmarks remain unmet. But the White House is at it again--telling us that things in Iraq are going just great.

Congress is going to vote this month on war policy for the next year--and Bush is hoping all this "progress" talk will scare Congress away from voting for withdrawal. We can't let that happen. Almost 4,000 US troops have died. We've spent half a trillion dollars in Iraq. Every day you turn on the news and more people are killed.

I signed a petition urging Congress to begin a fully funded redeployment immediately. Can you join me at the link below?



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