The Secret to Success

Happily stolen from FeelinFroggy's myspace bulletin...

To succeed at anything, you have to want it. But most people overlook this simple fact. And when they are confronted about the fact that their actions suggest that they don't really want to succeed, they get very depressed. They believe there is something wrong with them. But there is nothing wrong with them. All they need is for their level of desire to get a tune-up. Anyone can do it. Every day I see proof of that.

Your level of want-to is totally within your control. It doesn't exist by itself. You are in charge of its intensity. You can turn the flame up or down any time you want.

But most people don't realize that one's desire to succeed isn't a permanent thing; they think it's some character flaw or personality trait in them when they aren't driven to succeed. But it's not. Desire and intention are living, growing, ever-changing energy sources inside you. You can learn to continuously grow them to any degree you want. You can learn to motivate yourself to whatever degree of energy and enthusiasm you choose. Outside events have nothing to do with it. Personal history has nothing to do with it. It lives at the level of choice. It's always an inside game.

Steve Chandler


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