Business news: Job update

It didn't take me long to find income, yay! I've got a contract gig starting on Monday for $.25/hour less than I was making at my last job which isn't bad at *all* for a temp gig. The contract is 3-6 months and if I find something else I can terminate it early. This should be exactly the thing I need to get me thru until I can either find a good job that I really want or get myself set up in something else entirely.

I've been really thinking about my career path and where I want it to go a LOT lately. With all my marketable skills I'd really like to try and get the hell out of the corporate world and work for myself. I certainly don't mind working like a Trojan but I'm exceptionally tired of doing it for someone else's benefit. It may end up taking multiple gigs at first and I may have to work long hours to accomplish it, but I see the benefits FAR outweighing the negatives. My last job got me my Texas State Notary so I'm going to start there and see about getting some signings on the side. I need a supplemental income anyway since I wasn't making nearly what I am worth at this last job, and this temp thing is even less than that.

My biggest concern is the lack of benefits, especially health insurance. I know there is bound to be something out there that's affordable for self-employed types but I have no idea what or where to even start looking. If anyone has any insight into this please comment or email me with your info. Thanks!


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